You serve the Jesus you see. Remember folks, wasn’t he a carpenter? How come the pictures of Jesus now make him out to look like a trangendered dude? We have been programmed in so many ways to look at Christianity backwards. Jesus was a carpenter. He built houses. Met any carpenters lately? Did they look like the pictures of Jesus? No, they don’t. You serve the Jesus you see.

There’s a great new movie coming out called, “The Reliant”. It is Christian, has Kevin Sorbo, and has been made by a real Christian family to celebrate the REALITY we live in. Not just the happy parts. Not just the prayer parts. A whole picture of the Christian reality. It’s going to be great.

The Holy Spirit is a person. HE is everywhere, and HE guides us unto all truth. HE is not a nebulous entity. HE is a person and a part of God. We need to understand what the Holy Spirit is, to realize when what we are encountering ISN’T the Holy Spirit. These Satanic Social clubs that are called, “Churches” are not led by the Holy Spirit. They are living in the margins and staying lukewarm.

Guess what folks, it’s time to grow up. So, you better start Passing the Salt.

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