Where there is unity, God will command a blessing.

Men take offense so easy. Men hold offenses against their brothers. This is why the other team advances the ball and we don’t. The next thing we have is a cabal against someone. It all could have been handled if we just give a call and resolve it.

We take ourselves too seriously. We react emotionally. Nobody watches the good stuff on TV. They want to hear the bad stuff. If a guy does something good at work, it trickles down. If a guy does something bad, it’s like the goodyear blimp with a flag behind it.

If there’s an issue, we should want to have it cleared off. Why should there be something against each other? If I have an issue with someone, go to them personally. Say, “I’ve got this problem.”Why don’t we do that?

Men are looking for affirmation. Men want to be appreciated. Sometimes, we need that so much, that we criticize others, in order to feel less bad about ourselves.

Matthew 18 says reconcile with your brother.

Galatians 6 – confront your brother or sister, but with gentleness, do it spiritually.

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