Ezekiel 22:28 speaks of untempered mortar, “And her prophets have daubed them with untempered mortar…”

How many pastors and church leaders today, are standing on sandy soil, and do not have a firm foundation made with tempered mortar, which will stand the tests of time?

Paul, the apostle, endured many afflictions and persecutions as he stood firm on a solid foundation. He was tempered. He was proven. He is our example as one being made perfect through adversity and trials.

God is looking for men to stand in the gap; men who will stand for truth at all costs. Will our pastors stand? Will businessmen stand? Or do they have too much to lose?

We need an eternal perspective as we prioritize our resources of time, energy and money. We are to fear God, love the brotherhood, and be discerning how to honor all including earthly kings.

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