Usama Dakdok on Islam | Coach Dave Live | 1-23-2020

The show opened looking at upcoming events.  See the link below.  Usama Dakdok is the featured guest on the show today.  Coach asked if Islam is a religion of peace?  Usama answered that it is not a religion.  It is a “savage cult.”

At minute 13 the Huddle considered Muhammed.  Daktok gave a short version of Islam’s founder’s biography.  He married at 6-year-old girl at the age of 51.

Dakdok grew up in Egypt.  Islam is eighty percent politics, only twenty percent religious.  It is a governmental system.  You cannot separate the politics from the religion in Islam.  Less than one percent in a community means they keep to themselves.  At four percent they force Sharia on everyone else.

Islamic adherents can lie to infidels.  They are taught to take Americans as friends with the tongue, but not with the heart.  Daktok pointed that almost all Muslims have not read the Koran.  He estimates that as little as two to three percent of Muslims have read the Koran.

At minute 29 the Huddle considered the resources that are available to folks at Usama’s website.  See the link below.

Usama pointed out that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Jesus is never mentioned in the Koran.  Islam teaches that God has no son.  At minute 38 the discussion continues about Sharia, what it means and how it functions in a society.

Mosques in America are going to be used as headquarters for taking over the country.  “The problem in America is not the politicians, it is the churches.” Observed Usama Daktok.

Islam and Christianity will not mix.  For them to mix both would have to throw away their holy books.

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