Christians do not understand the power we have. We act like we have no power. We aren’t unified. Jesus Christ has given us power over darkness, but we don’t act like it. Don’t call yourself a Christian and deny the power thereof.

Vain means, “Having no real value”. Using the Lord’s name in vain isn’t swearing. It’s treating his name like it is worthless. The modern church does that every day. They don’t believe the strength of the name of Jesus Christ. They don’t believe in the power that God has IN this life and around us.

The Deep State is more than the CIA and the FBI. It is built of 17 intelligence agencies, among other things. It is similar to what the mafia was. They didn’t refer to themselves as the mafia, they were people who had the same ideology. The Deep State is a conglomeration of people who follow a set of ideals against that of the people of the United States. They are doing everything they can to destroy Trump, destroy his agenda, which is to benefit the American people.

The Deep State is the oligarchy, they love money and the “power” that money grants, to the exclusion of all morality, justice, and any other moral reason. Given that, they hate God and anyone who tells them that there are reasons for life other than this physical reality (money).

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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