Who gives us permission to stand in public for what we believe? Thomas Jefferson and the forefathers of our nation. Our founding documents.

America hasn’t evolved, it has devolved. We’ve been lied to and violated. Our entire nation has been captured by the Left.

They have taken over the schools, and ruined our court system. They have used force, and accuse us of violence. We are not using violence, but we have been violated by the force of the Left.

Violence comes as a last resort of those who have been forced and violated. To be forced by deception is violence.

If we do not push back with moral force on the darkness, we will see violence in the streets.

We are not engaging in “unjust moral vehemence.”  We are properly engaging in moral force. We have to get this straight in our heads. WE are not violent. We have been violated.

Join us on the Equal Justice Tour. The standard is equal. The standard is justice. Meet us at the Clinton Crime Scene: Sunday, May 26th. Visit https://equaljusticetour.com/.

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