Without a vision the people perish. We need a vision. The evanjellyfish church has lost its vision for justice, righteousness and truth. They’ve traded it in for political correctness. And now everyone is afraid to offend anyone. They’re afraid to hate sin or doers of iniquity. They’re paralyzed with self-induced fear.
Tim McGraw wrote a song, “Live Like You Were Dying” where he asks the question, “What would happen if you found out today, that you are dying?” Would your priorities change? Would your lifestyle change? Would almost everything you think is important today, become less important?
It’s good to ask those questions…and live like you were dying. Because none of us know if we even have tomorrow, here on earth. We need to make every day count. What are you doing to make your life count, today?
I have a vision for Sky Hi property which we just purchased. I want my family to catch that vision, and be part of it. We all need to have vision and overcome our fears in order to do all God wants us to do!
Pass the Salt!
Coach Dave
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