We Always Blink | Coach Dave Live | 1-22-2020

Today is the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade.  Tomorrow is the day of the Annual March. Why aren’t there four million people there after 47 years of marching?  “Christianity is not dead; it just needs a revival.” Observed Coach.  “Most of those gun guys I saw there in Richmond are Christians.”

Coach asked, “What do you do when Godly obedience requires civil disobedience?”  Coach told the story of the Summer of Mercy in Wichita, Kansas.  Minute 12.  They were on the verge of victory and they quit because of one Federal Judge.  We blinked.  Pat Robertson led the surrender.

When the pressure is on it is easy to justify the way out.  Why do we always blink?  A Huddler commented, “We haven’t made the decision to end the evil.”  At minute 20 the Huddle examined the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

We have allowed ourselves to be trapped.  We are all guilty and worthy of having a millstone hung around our own neck if we allow children to be violated.  We come up with excuses not to act.  Martin Luther King Jr. observed, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

At minute 35 the Huddle watched the women’s march video linked below.

Coach encouraged folks to support the volunteers at Created Equal.

At minute 46 the Huddle considered Tim Keller’s argument in support of homosexuality.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional Finders Keepers.  See the link below.

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