We are winning. This cultural battle is coming to a head, and truth prevails against evil. We don’t know the specifics of Trump, but we do know everyone is against him. Everyone in Washington DC is against Donald Trump. Why? From what he says and what he does, he simply wants to make America great again, at least his view of it, why do they hate him so much?

As the evil is dismantled in our country and around the globe, it is not going to be pretty. God’s judgement is going to fall, but in the light of that judgement his mercy is shown. When the chips are down, people turn to God, and that is something to rejoice about, because that is what matters.

The God haters are organized. We are not. They are pushing harder and faster than ever before to legitimize debauchery and evil. Christians aren’t doing anything. We don’t even show up for battles we are winning, like abortion. God haters are getting in the media and getting in everyone’s face. All we need to do is stand up in opposition.

Where the devil is in your town, a Christian need be there. It only takes one. Be a hero for Christ.

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