Christians don’t believe God has authority. In the Bible, there is the story of the centurion who talks to Jesus. The power of this interaction comes not just from the Centurion’s faith, but from his belief in God’s authority over the world. He truly, 100% believed that God had AUTHORITY to do what needed done in his life. We don’t do this. We don’t pray this way. Christians don’t believe like the Centurion.

Why is it that men become Christians then they lose everything they once were? Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean you become a pansy, it means you are born again and value what God values. You don’t just pussify into a woman because you’re a Christian. We should be turbocharged. We should go around those old fleshly people with more of a love of life, not less. When you become a Christian your life takes on new meaning, and it’s exciting!

We love our comfort more than we love truth. We choose the curse. We choose to disobey God, because we are BORN THAT way. We are born into sin. Christians choose the way of honor. You will be wounded, and it will be self-inflicted, but honor is better than cowardice.

The economy in our nation is on the brink. There is going to be a financial collapse, it’s not a question of ,“if” it’s a question of, “When”. Get prepared. Tomorrow Coach is going to have Pastor Wayne on, who is a realistic prepper and prepares for the future to survive. There were a few preppers in the Bible as well. Noah and Joseph are prime examples, so we may want to consider their example in these times.

If the end comes it comes, if not, let’s make it to the other side and raise up the standard of righteousness for whoever is in charge after the, “end”.

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