What Are We Going to DO? | Coach Dave Live | 12-31-19

Not what are we going to say.  Coach asked, “What are we going to DO?”  Compromise isn’t going to get us out of this one.  The Huddle discussed the upcoming Gun Rally planned for Richmond, Virginia.  Coach wondered aloud what would happen if the men with guns surrounded the Governor’s Mansion and demanded his resignation.  Instead, we’re more intent on loving our enemies than on conquering them when conquering them is LOVE.

“What makes it hard to stand?” asked Coach.  A man in the Huddle answered, “Because there’s no foundation.”  The Devil’s side is planning and scheming 24 hours a day.  “Are we?” asked Coach.

Coach asked all the men who will be with him in Richmond to wear the “Protect the Flock with a Glock” T-shirt.  People can order the shirt at the link below.  The Huddle watched the video of the Texas shooting, paying special attention to the reaction of the pastor and the congregation.

The Huddle considered the sissy pictures of Jesus on the internet.  They then turned to an image search of angels … all sissies.  All the angels in the Bible are male, they are of the masculine gender.

Michael Heath read a column he wrote and published 14 years ago entitled “Chesty Men.”  Read it in the links below.

Coach talked about leading a group to Richmond and asked folks who are planning to be there to email him and let him know that they are going to be there.  The Huddle considered an article by Eric Conn entitled “Why the Church Desperately Needs Violent Men.”

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