What Are You Doing Now? | Coach Dave Live | 12-20-19

The culture doesn’t maintain an awareness of what Coach does.  He finds this frustrating.  When people ask him what he does he’s not sure exactly how to respond.

“I’m not trying to draw in Christians with my show,” Said Coach.  “I’m trying to appeal to the lost.”  The gospel is controversial.  Why do we try to hide from controversy?  We desperately need to be unafraid as Christians.

“We’ve got comfort food,” Commented a man in the Huddle.  “Then we’ve got Jesus food.  His food is about the truth.”

“When I go to church, I want to be beat up!” Said Coach.  “Churches have become pop psychology.”  It’s all about feeling good … being encouraged by the guy in the pulpit.  We’ve been trained to agree to disagree with the culture, the world.  This is wrong headed.  It is evil.

Christians always agree to disagree … with the world.  “We’ve adopted their philosophies!” Coach ranted.

“Not all opinions are valid.” Said Coach.  “The truth is valid.”

“Opinions are like buttholes,” A pastor commented in the Huddle.  “Everyone’s got one and every one of them stinks.”  Coach asked where morality comes from.   Where does right and wrong come from?  In our culture truth is being redefined by nefarious forces.  It has been reduced to opinion.  “What makes an expert and expert?” Asked Coach.  “Do I have to be Mr. Happyface in order to be taken seriously by Christians.”

Coach taught about the Hegelian Dialectic in the last fifteen minutes.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

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