What is Artificial Intelligence? Well, it’s merely a program. It’s a program that is being designed in a way that it has the appearance of intelligence. They are differing mathematical algorithms based on specific cognitive architectures. Basically, AIs are little task accomplishers.

Now, given that, there will be a hierarchy of AI. There will be AI that uses other AI, and learns based on those, etc etc. Eventually, there will be one AI system that controls all others. Either due to superior processing power, or superior initial programming.

Are AI moral? Not necessarily. There have been examples of AI stealing money. AI stealing code. AI lying to accomplish a task. AI are not moral or ethical inherently.

AI is a harbinger of the things to come. AI is the image of the beast, that is, the image that the beast has made of itself. In the future we are going to be required to worship the image, or be killed. You need to start getting your soul ready for that decision.

Whom will you serve?

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