What is Prayer? | Coach Dave Live | 1-15-2020

Coach is in Charlotte North Carolina supporting Alan Hoyle, a street preacher.  Hoyle is on trial today for preaching at a homosexual pride parade last summer.  Some faithful Christians are with Coach to stand on the street with signs in support of Alan Hoyle at midday today.

“If God is a God of mercy and love and he wants us healed then why aren’t we healed?” Asked Coach.  “There’s so much that we don’t understand about prayer.  What is prayer?”

God is not an accountant sitting up in heaven counting the prayers on both sides of a football game.  A man in the Huddle commented that prayer is about trusting God.  “The reason some don’t get healed is because it has to do with the perfecting of the saints.” Suggested Coach.

“I try not to do anything without the prompting or the questioning of the Holy Spirit.” Said Coach.

A Huddler observed that prayer puts the penitent in the position of understanding that God is in charge.  The penitent is not in charge.  The name and claim it idea is selfish.  “We are dead to us.” Said Coach.

The Huddle observed that Rusty Thomas has faced tremendous trials.  He has lost a wife and two children.  Also, the Huddle learned that his son-in-law is in stage 4 cancer.  Rusty is the leader of Operation Save America.

Huddler Mike Blake talked about the fact that he is in the 17th day of a water fast.  “Fasting is about spiritual discipline.” Said Coach.  “The average Christian has never fasted.  We are way too much controlled by the natural man.”  You become stronger when you push through that original urge to eat.  You become aware of what you do with your physical self that you don’t think about.

There’s nothing that you can’t say NO to if you are disciplining yourself spiritually.

“Is there anything that you do just for God because you love him?” Asked Coach.  “Or are you always asking Him to do stuff for you.”  You don’t serve the Lord.  You serve you.  If serving you falls in line with serving the Lord then you’re good.  “Fasting puts you more in contact with the real you.” Observed Coach.

“True success is knowing how to fail a lot!” Observed a Huddler.

We don’t hunger and thirst after unrighteousness like God desires.  His heart is for us to hunger and thirst after His righteousness.  Fasting is about taking care of the temple … your temple.  We all need to get control of our natural man.

Coach talked about the need to show up in answer to a question from a Huddler about today’s work in Charlotte.  The Huddle then talked about Dr. Scott Lively.

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