What’s Cookin in Hell’s Kitchen with Russ Dizdar | Coach Dave Live | 12-10-19

Russ Dizdar is a guest on the show today.  Coach hosted it LIVE from Helena, Montana.

Coach opened the show reflecting on yesterday’s show and emails he’d received from listeners, “Todays vaccinations are not your dad’s vaccinations.”  He pointed everyone to

Russ pointed out that the CDC has an area on their website entitled “Zombification.”  It is a real threat today.  It is called biological alteration.  The CDC is concerned about brains being negatively affected by developments of science.

“The idea that we can trust our government like we used to is insane.” Said Coach.  “We all know we can’t do that anymore.”  Powers on the earth are getting involved with transhumanism – working to manipulate DNA to enhance and prolong life.

“This is a movement toward the Nephilim issue.” Said Russ Dizdar.

Russ described how the “smartest” people on the planet are openly pursuing a merging with the “sky gods.”  “These people fear death,” Observed Russ.  “The alteration of DNA is coming from hell’s kitchen.”

Russ argued that demons are behind the Deep State. There is a merging going on between the oligarchs of the world and the demonic realm.

“You must renounce the Democrat Party,” Said Russ.  “And then we’re coming for the Republicans.”

The Body of Christ needs to understand threat assessment.  “Things are going to continue getting worse and worse.” Said Russ.  “Minds are being blinded by the God of this world.”

The religious system we are seeing today must be ripped away.  The church is designed to be a powerhouse.  It isn’t one because Christians aren’t pursuing the truth.  “We must speak the truth,” Said a man in the Huddle.

It is important to pray over food in these difficult times.  God can sanctify the food.  He can protect us from the demonic spells and influence that might be infused into to foods we allow into our bodies.

A Huddle member asked about pot.  “You’re talking to an old pothead.” Answered Russ.  “When I got saved that all ended.”

There is a lot of lying going on.  The people pushing it are making millions of dollars.

Robert Klous read from his devotion for the day from “Finders Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

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