What’s Your Plan? Not the government plan. What is your plan? The government is divided in at least two different teams. It’s becoming the blending into one team. The devil’s team never stops. Russian collusion didn’t work, so they’re on Ukranian  collusion. The bad guys never stop.

Psalm 2 – The heathen are raging. And people are living their lives, oblivious to what the enemy of their souls is doing to destroy them.

People want to take no responsibility for what is happening in this world. Is the purpose of your Christianity to stay in your lane, and not pay attention to the world around you?

We are overcomers. Why do we have no desire to overcome the world? Why do we put up with Muslims overtaking the government, while Christians stay home and don’t even vote. Why? Because we’re not of the world…We’re too busy passing out turkeys and coats.

Overccome! Occupy! Pass the Salt!

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