Who is Israel? Well, if we go with what the BIBLE says, it’s us. Christians are Israel. Christians are the descendants of Abraham. Who are the modern day, “J**s”? Well, they have no blood relation to Abraham, so… They aren’t even God’s people anymore. They need Jesus just like everyone else!

Planned Parenthood is doubling down. They are INCREASING their funding. WHAT? I thought it was going to be defunded? Oh, that’s right, the American Church hasn’t made a peep about abortion. The American Church does not want abortion to end. THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT LIFE.

You HAVE GOT to understand. When Abortion ends, America has a SMALL chance of being in God’s favor. Abortion is complete and utter wickedness from the pit of Hell, and it is going to end in America in 2018 and it won’t be the American Church that ends it.

It’ll be God’s chosen people. It will be you and me and those like us who follow God’s commandments. It’ll be Christians who end abortion.

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