The Christmas we celebrate has been permeated with lies. It’s not just about the baby in a manger. It is about Jesus Christ, the King, being born. Why was he born? To destroy the works of the Devil, not to hug everyone and make them happy. Certainly not for peace on earth or our best life now.

Truth has fallen in the streets. Americans and Christians alike believe lies, and we like it that way. As long as it feels good. The lies of Christmas feel good. Getting along with people feel good. Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t come to be a liar. He came because he IS Truth. He is our Lord and King. Truth is a person and His name is Jesus.

When Jesus was born people died. There is a war on, we pretend it isn’t there, but it’s been raging since the beginning of time. Get on board and start fighting in this spiritual war, that is what Christians do.

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