Where’s Our Leadership? | Coach Dave Live | 1-21-2020

The show opened with the Huddle discussing yesterday’s gun rally in Richmond, Virginia.  “We’ve got ourselves a team.” Observed Coach.  “When are we all going to go?”  Coach discussed the issue of channeling the impressive amount of energy on display at the gun rally.  “I trust the Holy Spirit and my instincts.” Said Coach.  “I got more fear porn in advance of the Rally than I’ve ever received before an event.”

If we don’t go just because we’re afraid we will never win!  There’s an awakening going on among the people.  “How do we channel this wokeness?” Coach asked.

There was a tremendous shortage of leadership, especially spiritual leadership.  “How long are we going to put up with a leaderless Christianity?”  Alan Hoyle stood on a street corner with a megaphone wearing his USMC Gunny uniform.  “God bless him!” Exclaimed Coach.

“The whole time I was there I felt like I was at an Ohio State football game.” Said Coach.  “Respectful men and women with guns being polite to one another.”

There is no leadership.  “If there were a drag queen story hour in your town who would you call?”  Asked Coach.  “It wouldn’t be the pastor.  He’s too busy in the back room putting on his makeup.”

The Left is afraid of us because we are so strong and intimidating.  A Huddler pointed out that planning is a big part of the success yesterday.  Being prepared is important.

“I didn’t see one Antifa person there yesterday.” Observed Coach.

A Huddler suggested that the Governor of Virginia should have been targeted by the Church for being so bold in his support for infanticide.  Coach responded, “Ninety percent of the people at the Gun Rally don’t support abortion.”

The only way to get America back on target is to focus the people on truth instead of opinion.  We divide over opinion when we should be uniting on truth.  Coach has been showing up at events like this for twenty years.  “When is someone going to blow the trumpet and bring an end to all of this?” Asked Coach.

A Huddler responded, “Just keep working Coach.”

Armed men need to call for the resignation of Governor Northam.

Coach asked if you’d rather have a personally virtuous Sunday School teacher in the Oval Office or a man like Trump?   The Huddle discussed who would be a realistic alternative to Donald Trump.  “Do we want a leader who’s moral or a leader who does moral things?” Asked Coach.

At the 45-minute mark Coach showed a FB video of Alan Hoyle preaching on the street.

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