We spend so much time looking at things we have no control over. We worry about things we can do nothing about. Yelling about the eclipse and whether or not it’s the end of the world. Or why the numbers all add up to the end of the 1000 year reign of Satan or some such. Why does any of that matter at all? It doesn’t, there are plenty of things IN THIS LIFE to worry about, and things that you have control over.

The left is tearing down all our heroes. They are destroying history. Their next target are the confederate heroes. They are lying about the history and working people into a frenzy. One example, Robert E. Lee was a great Christian man. He was against slavery, and the statue they pulled down was in “Emancipation Park”. HE WAS AGAINST SLAVERY. The left is changing history in front of our eyes, and they are doing it because they hate everything Christian and everything good.

The left is destroying our heritage, and we are letting it happen. They are silencing the white men particularly, through shaming of our own heritage and history. Stand up, Stand up for Jesus, Men. Be bold as lions, speak the truth, and stand for righteousness.

We have a great Christian history that needs to be defended, not belittled and lied about.

Hey, don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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