Why Are They Running Christianity? | Coach Dave Live | 12-18-19

Coach wondered out loud about the value of bringing everyone together to talk about what’s wrong in the world.  “Christians don’t have a common core.” Coach said.  “We need to stop dividing over non-essentials and focus on what unites us and fight for what’s right.”

One of the issues that has us sidelined is an inordinate love of Israel.  “The central focus of the American church is Israel.” Coach said.  “It shouldn’t be.”  Jews are just as lost as anyone else who doesn’t have Christ.

Michael Heath read his column for the morning.  It is linked below.

The Huddle discussed Jews, Israel and America in the context of Jeremiah 11.

Robert Klous read from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

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