Monday’s show touched off on time as it has for two years now.  At 7 a.m. every weekday Coach Dave Live inspires Christians all over the world using the magic of the internet.

Coach opened the show talking about the fact that his wife had to replace her phone over the weekend.  “We have become so addicted to those phones.”  Observed the Coach.

We all operate from a limited knowledge base.  And this is during a time when there is so much information available.  The spectrum of good and evil is so broad and we are so limited.

Coach admitted, “We need the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.”

He observed that we can disagree.  There is really only one truth.  Situation ethics is wrong.

Bastiat said that the law is an ass.  Without the Holy Spirit one cannot follow the law.  Legalism is the attempt to follow the law without the Holy Spirit.  The spirit of the law gives life.  The letter of the law kills.

Daubenmire talked about a pastor he knows who is facing an allegation of wrongdoing from many years ago.  The Elder Board is deciding whether the man can continue as pastor.

“Christians don’t even begin to understand redemption,” said Coach Dave Daubenmire.  “The miracle of transformation is about being different from what we were in the past.”

One of the men in the huddle jumped in.  “Everybody’s got a story, everybody’s got a history.  And we’ve all got a new story.  It is the story of redemption in Jesus Christ.”

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