Listening to the Holy Spirit is not necessarily hard. It’s ignoring the second voice that comes in that’s hard. When the Holy Spirit tells you something, there is always a second voice that comes to cast doubt on everything God tells you. You know what that second voice sounds like? “Well… That’s not how we did it before. What will other people think about that? You should do it this way first.” That’s what it sounds like, and those who listen to the Lord ignore the second voice, and do it God’s way the first time.

Trump may have the Holy Spirit, but if he is even surrounded by even one advisor that isn’t, he is being told lies.

Jews don’t have the Holy Spirit. Jews aren’t saved. There isn’t anything special about a Jew. There isn’t anything special about a Muslim. There isn’t anything special about a Catholic. There isn’t anything special about a Protestant. Why do we think in this way? Why do we think self-proclaimed Jews are special?

The Jews were chosen to bring Christ into the world. After Jesus lived, was crucified, and was resurrected, the Jews were no longer special. The person who recognizes Jesus is Lord and repents of their sins is special, and that’s it.

Hey, remember to Pass the Salt.

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