The Salt and Light Brigade is growing up! Two new communities being built in Texas. God is working in these men’s lives and lighting a fire under them. Now is the time to start building the Kingdom. Do it where you live.

Jeremiah Thomas has successfully completed surgery on his back. He is walking with a walker (after the doctors said he may never walk again) and is doing well. Now they need to go onto removing the cancer from his body.

Jeremiah’s father, Rusty Thomas, has decided to not put their son through the chemo therapy torture. They have found alternative means to combat the cancer and are pursuing those. They will be working out of Arizona and sending their son back and forth to get treatments from another country.

Understand this folks, we have been lied to about everything. Our medicine is lies. Our schools are lies. Our government is lying. The Bible says the root of all evil is the LOVE of money. What do American corporations love more than money? That’s right, nothing. They want you to be sick and to stay sick.


You have got to pull the wool off your eyes and swallow the giant red pill sitting before you.


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