When you think about Jesus and you see a feminine, emasculated Jesus, what do you think you’ll act like? In the Bible Jesus asks his disciples who people think He is. You know what they tell Jesus? They tell Him that people think He is John the Baptist, Elijah, or another prophet. You know… Those prophets weren’t weak kneed little women. They are rugged, truth telling men.

People thought Jesus was a rugged, truth telling prophet. Did they think that because He went around limp wristed talking and healing people? No, He called the enemy the enemy. He called them, “Brood of Vipers”. He didn’t hold back in His rebuke of wickedness.

Where has that gone in the Church? We are serving the God we see. We see a feminine, weak Jesus, well, there you go boys, better put your dress on. Now, if you see a King David style God, who destroys evil, and carries the head of it to an example to show what happens to evil, then that’s a different story.

You serve the God you see.

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