Abortion is Murder

With all of the hubbub over the recent leak that Roe V Wade is apparently about to be overturned, it is hard to believe that there is really any debate at all.  The fact that the supposed most brilliant legal minds in the world are split on whether or not an unborn human being has the right to live is almost beyond belief.  We need a separation between politics and the courts.

For nearly 50 years Americans have played hide and seek with the truth in a diabolical lie that a woman has the right to take the life of her pre-born child.  None of their science works.  The only weapon remaining in the arsenal of the pro-aborts is the lie that an unborn child is not a human being.  As Thurgood Marshall stated in the original “opinion” if a child in the womb was ever determined to be a “person” the argument for having a right to kill it evaporates faster than steam in a dry sauna.

Of course, it is a human being.  What else could it be?  Calling it a “fetus” is nothing more than a blatant attempt to hide the humanity of the most vulnerable member of the human species.  Dr. Seuss explained that to us several decades ago when he stated that “a who is a who no matter how small.”  If a simple poet had been on SCOTUS child murder would never have been legalized in the first place.

As far as we can tell a human woman has never given birth to any species other than a human one.  No frogs, goats, dogs or cats, fish or turtles have ever come out of the womb of a woman.  Only human beings.  Small ones mind you, but human beings no less.

Did you know that the “right to life” was guaranteed in the United States Constitution when the Preamble was ratified as part of that Liberty document which secured all rights to “ourselves and our posterity?”  Posterity means future American citizens.  Fetuses are future American citizens whose rights are guaranteed in that legally ratified document.

So, in order to find a “right” for a woman to murder her unborn child they first had to dehumanize it.  If a baby is not really a person, then the unborn human has no rights. If it is a human, then the child has the same rights as any other born American.  The killing of any American by another person is illegal.  No one can “choose” to kill another citizen without being criminally charged.

They Luciferians have tried this before.  They “legalized” slavery by stating that a Negro was not a citizen and only 6/10 of a human being.  Our nation fought a war to recognize the humanity of the Negro race.  If Negro’s were not “people” then it followed that they had no rights.  The “owner” could do whatever he wanted with this non-human person.  “Racial choice” turned our black brothers and sisters into nothing more than chattel…property…owned and controlled by the owner.  “My slave, my choice.”

The Nazi’s did the same thing.  Hitler and his version of Planned Parenthood determined that Jews were less than human.  Only then were they able to lock them in cattle cars and transport them to the gas chambers.  If they weren’t “people” it followed that they had no rights and no guarantee of protection.  Millions were slaughtered due to “religious choice.”  Dehumanize the human and “individual rights” fly out the window.

The same standard holds true for the pre-born.  It is the ultimate form of bullying, which is nothing more than big people imposing their will on smaller, weaker people.  Why not?  If it is just a “blob of tissue” or “clump of cells” …in fact it is a “fetus” not a baby.  Calling it a “baby” infers humanity.  The Luciferians love to lie about science.  Baby murderers and their promoters are the most wicked of all people.

Abortion is a crime…the worst kind of crime.  It is murder and the “doctor” is nothing more than a hired hit man.  The woman is not a “victim”, the baby is.  Sexual intercourse is a choice.  A woman does have a choice to plan her parenthood.  All she must do is keep her pants on and legs together.  Don’t blame the baby when you get drunk and lose self-control.

I thought that was what sex education classes were supposed to teach.

Woman have plenty of choices.  Murdering her unborn baby is not one of them.  The child is a citizen of the United States and protected by the laws thereof.

It is a sad day when men and women sitting on the highest court in the land can’t understand this basic truism.

Murder is defined as:  First degree murder is the intentional killing of another person by someone who has acted willfully, deliberately, or with planning. Generally, there are two types of first-degree murder: premeditated intent to kill and felony murder. This definition will focus on first-degree murder involving premeditated intent to kill.

The pre-born child is a person.  It is alive.  Abortion kills a human being, willfully, deliberately, and with planning.   Abortion is murder…premeditated intent to kill.

The mother, father, and doctor are all accessories to the crime and equally guilty. If an unborn child is a human being, then no one has the right to take his/her life.  If the baby was “her body” how do you explain the appearance of testicles in half of those in a female womb?

Sadly, tax dollars are used to murder the baby.  The government is involved in genocide.  Is it any wonder they don’t want to recognize the humanity of the child?

I’m sorry, but it is time to stop calling the woman the victim in abortion.  She lives, her baby dies.  I’d say the dead person is the victim.

Unless we determine that pre-born child aren’t people…

Isn’t that the card they played on Negroes and Jews?  Dehumanize and then you can kill them.

It doesn’t take an Ivy League degree to figure this one out.

Abortion is a crime.  It is time to call it what it is.

Criminalize baby killing and punish those who kill them.