By Dave Daubenmire | June 17th, 2021

The battle in America is a very simple one. It is over Truth. Everything emanates from that key word.

TRUTH. What IS the TRUTH? In fact, it is the same question Pontius Pilate asked before he sentenced Jesus Christ to death. What is THE Truth?

That is at the heart of every issue we face in this nation. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” America is bleeding from the heart. We desperately need to stop the hemorrhaging.
We all operate from a particular set of beliefs. All of us. It is what shapes our biases. Most of the time we are not even aware of it. What we believe frames the way we live. It is the root of every disagreement that occurs in our public discourse.

Some will call it opinion and we all have opinions. But opinions are not necessarily Truth. Wrong belief leads to wrong opinions. Wrong opinions lead to wrong assumptions. Wrong assumptions lead to wrong actions. Wrong actions lead to bad consequences. Our culture is dying from a thousand cuts. Only TRUTH can make us free.

The Bible says that. Is the Bible untrue simply because you do not believe it? On what foundation does America stand? On what foundation do YOU stand?

So much of what we believe today is not true. Much of what passes as public policy is based on falsehoods…things Oprah called “Your Truth.” But there is no such thing as YOUR truth. Truth is true for everyone…even if you do not believe it. Truth is a person, not an opinion.

Truth can be found in the Bible, but not all Christians see the entire Bible as Truth. We love to cherry pick verses that we agree with, but not so much with the verses that go against our previously established opinions. Most Christians cannot even agree on what is TRUTH in the Bible. That is why we have so many denominations. For the most part, Christians look for a church that shares their beliefs and not necessarily a church that teaches the Truth.

Have you ever run into a churchgoer who thinks the Doctrine taught in their church is anti-Biblical? Of course not. They go to a church that teaches what they believe…not one that teaches them to seek out the TRUTH. Heaven forbid that a church would teach a Truth that the people did not believe.

Yet our churches are full of people who are taught partial truths, half-truths, and opinions. We look to attend churches that agree with us…our opinions…even though our opinions might not be true.

Denominate is a math term. It means to DIVIDE. Our churches are classified by “denominations” …divisions. The “divisions” are determined by “opinions” of what the Bible teaches. Opinions are not necessarily true…even in churches.

Do you see where this whole thing is heading? The world has gleaned the Spirit of division from the Church. Truth divides. Compromise unites. We are more interested in unity than Truth.
We need look no further than the Church’s response to the Plandemic. For years, the non-Christian world has viewed the church world as a hinderance to progress. Because “the lost” didn’t believe in the “Truths” taught by the church Christians were viewed as old-fashioned, archaic, and anti-science. For decades, the Left tolerated Christianity but in their hearts believed Christians were to blame for cultural limitations for certain people groups, because of, among other things, the “white man’s” religion.

Now the church world has been exposed as the fraud the Left always believed we were. Wal-Mart and the big box stores were more essential to the community than the church. And, for the most part, the churchgoers agreed with the Secularists. Churches self-quarantined while Planned Parenthood continued killing babies.

So, who is right? What makes you think that what you believe is the Truth?

Peer reviewed. Now there is a term for you. Who or what is the Truth in peer review? What is the scientific standard if science is constantly changing…under review…by one another? Isn’t that what the Secularists do? Do they have an unchanging standard upon which they stand or is their standard constantly under review by their peers?

Ditto for the legal systems. The “LAW” is determined by peer review. Abortion is legal today because some “peers” reviewed the science nearly sixty years ago. Today, we keep abortion “legal” based on sixty-year-old science. If we had the same reaction to technology, we would all still be riding horses.

Science never changes, it simply expands our understanding. Law, the idea of right and wrong, is immutable. It is only our opinion of right and wrong that changes. Because of science we know more about unborn children than we did sixty years ago, yet the law denies the evidence that honest science produced. Court OPINIONS ignore advances in science in favor of previous opinions. Truth, in both science and law, is determined by the reviews of peers.

No set standard. No unchangeable precepts or Truths, but simply the agreement and review of men who share like opinions. That is why abortion is still legal. That is why men are proclaiming to be women. That is why nothing seems to be real anymore. The opinions of men have more gravitas than scientific evidence to the contrary.

But it all started in the Church. Jesus warned us when He ripped the church leaders of His day. “In vain, you teach as commandments the doctrines of men making the Word of God of no effect.”
The opinions of mortal man have run the good ship America aground. Who can you trust? Who is telling you the truth? Truth does not matter to the Left. It barely matters to Christians.
The Devil’s team advances by a million slashes against the Truth. The end justifies the means. To lie, cheat, steal, and kill are their means of advancement. The compromised Church embraced the opinion of men and bulldozed the Rock of Ages into the closet.

America is bleeding out. Times are desperate. Cry aloud! Spare not! Lift your voice like a trumpet!

Someone dial 9-1-1. Stop the bleeding! America needs a tourniquet generation.