By Coach Dave Daubenmire

To quote crooner Bob Dylan, the times they are a changing. The worm is turning.

After 60 years of the culture swinging left, the pendulum is beginning to swing back. That is what the “worm is turning” is all about.

Here is what the dictionary says about the worm .

We live in dangerous times. Desperate people do desperate things. The Left is losing and they know it. The “long march through the institutions” is beginning to end. Communism is the religion of atheists. Government is their weapon. They are running out of bullets.

Donald Trump did more damage to their agenda than anyone could have possibly understood. That is why they hate him…all the government/media complex hates him. He was the poison pill…the anti-government vax.

Whether he is re-elected or not does not matter. He created MAGA. Trump may fade away…but the awakening will not. Trump is a man. MAGA is a movement. Men are easy to stop…revolutions are not.

Can’t you see it? The Left is crying bloody murder. Their power is ebbing. THEY know it. That is why they are dangerous. A cornered tiger is a dangerous animal. The LEFT is cornered.

The Left seized the courts just after WWII. They knew that what they could not win through legislation they could accomplish though the courts. Slowly the power shifted from the “power to the people” through voting, to the power of the minority through the Courts. It took only 30 years for the “courts” to change the direction of this nation.

Here is how they did it.

In 1947 the courts ruled that there was a “separation between the church and the state” ripping Christian morality out of the heart of the law. This opened the door to a cavalcade of anti-Christian “laws.” The LEFT seized on the opportunity and used “stare decisis” to reshape the American culture. They did through the courts what they could never do at the ballot box.

The “separation between morality and state” lead to a domino effect…striking at the heart of all that made America great. Alexis de Tocqueville warned us that “if America ever ceases to be good, they will cease also to be great.” The America that our courts have given us has destroyed this once-great Christian nation.

The lie of “the separation between church and state” bolstered by the lie of “stare decisis” enabled the Luciferian-controlled courts to remake America in Satan’s image. “My body, my choice” is straight out of the mouth of the Evil One. What good is voting when the direction of the nation is controlled by 5 unelected “terrorists in black robes?”

The “separation between the church and the state” led to a trail of tears.

  • Engel v Vitale 1962 criminalized school prayer.
  • Abbington V Schemp 1963 criminalized Bible reading in school
  • Roe v Wade 1973 Legalized baby murder.
  • Stone V Graham 1980 Criminalized the 10 Commandments.

All those decisions…in just 18 years…overturned the Christian history of America. They did it through the Courts and not through the will of “We, the People.”

But the worm is turning. The Left is apoplectic. They have lost the courts. Donald J Trump appointed three Judges to SCOTUS who in the last year have determined:

  • There is no CONSTITUTIONAL right to kill an unborn child.
  • No one can be forced to bake a cake that violates his/her own conscience.
  • Race-based quotas are illegal. Affirmative action is discriminatory.
  • College loans do not have to paid by those who did not take them out.
  • The restoration of religious rights for CHRISTIAN workers.

Oh. how the worm is turning. Where would America be today if Hillary Clinton had been elected and given the job of appointing more Luciferian justices?

But that is why things are getting so dangerous. The LEFT has lost control of the weapon that they have used to overthrow Christianity in America. SCOTUS, thanks to Donald Trump, is now wielding that hammer. The impact of his Presidency will be felt for generations to come.

The LEFT is capable of doing ANYTHING to destroy this nation. They would rather destroy it than put America back into the hands of “God’s people.” Nukes? Assassinations? Ballot stuffing? Nothing is below these people.

Permit me, if you will, to speak to the Christians reading this column. The ball is now in our court. The battle has moved once again to the Legislatures, especially in the independent States. Having lost their primary weapon, the courts, the God-hating Left is now returning to the ballot box where they will try and force their Luciferian agenda by the “vote of the people.”

No “vote of the people” can ever make “legal” what God has said is unlawful.

Just this week Justice Thomas raised the issue as to whether or not the “marriage” decision and legalization of sodomy need to be revisited. To borrow from the movie Deliverance,” that is making the Left “squeal like pigs.”

But here is where the rubber meets the road. Will the American “church” rise to the occasion? Will Christians see the opportunity to “restore righteousness” as an expected standard in our nation? This could be the American church’s finest hour.

But the church is going to have to make a tough choice. Does God expect us to “occupy” till He comes, or cower in the corner and wait for the rapture? The ball has been served squarely into our court.

The worm is turning. What if the future of America laid in the hands of HIS people? It is time for the church to fish or cut bait. Our children are counting on us.

Stand up Grandpa. Give this a listen.