By Dave Daubenmire | August 12th, 2021

This is not the first time that we Americans have found ourselves in dire straits. The first American Navy hero was John Paul Jones who, in the Revolutionary War, found himself in a predicament so overwhelming that defeat seemed a certainty. In response to the British inquiry as to whether he was considering surrender, Jones nailed the flag to the hull of the ship which was a signal that the crew would never surrender.
“I have not yet begun to fight!” That was Jones’ do or die response to the enemy. That is the same attitude we must exhibit today.
Let me encourage you, my friend. The good guys are winning the war. It may be hard for you to see, but the Left is falling apart and their desperation is beginning to show. We are winning. Right now. Today, the tide is turning in our favor.
Look, we are late to the party, there can be no doubt of that. For at least two generations, 60 years, the true American people have been asleep at the switch. While we were trusting the future of the nation to “conservative” Republicans, the enemies of freedom were waging war on America. In 1967 Communist infiltrator Antonio Gramsci’s scheme launched “a long march through the institutions.” That march, known today as Cultural Marxism, was the battle plan designed to conquer America from within.
Infiltration was at the heart of their diabolical scheme. The Commies bragged they would take over America without firing a shot. JFK warned us of infiltration and control by secret societies. Like the Wizard of Oz they have been secretly at work behind the curtain. While the Christian Churches refused to mix “religion and politics” and decried poisoning the “sacred with the secular” the Haters of God incrementally seized control of every institution in America. Today, Christian influence has taken a seat in the back of the bus while the Devil’s minions control every aspect of our lives.
President Kennedy warned us in 1963. “There is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.” It is our values that make us who we are. It is our values that are under assault today. Religion IS politics. Jesus Christ was an activist.
The refusal of the church, and the pink robed regiment, to fight for our values, has yielded the authority that Christ delegated to His followers. Tolerance is not a Christian value, despite what the emissaries of hell have programmed you to regurgitate.
But help is on the way. Christians have “not yet begun to fight.”
In a strange sort of way, the Plandemic and subsequent lockdowns were the greatest thing that could have ever happened to the American Church. As my friend John reminded me there must be a rude awakening before there is a great awakening. That awakening is happening right before our very eyes.
Christ is not done with America yet. He is moving His people out of the church.

I spent a career as a high school coach and one truism that never changed was one I learned as a young athlete. It is simple, yet profound and it is a question that millions of Believers are going to have to answer.
“Do you think we can win?” If you think we will or if you think we won’t then you are probably right.
It is time to move from the Church House to the School House. It is time to move from the Church House to the Court House. It is time to move from the Church House to the State House. It is time to move from Church Street to Main Street. Religion is Politics. It is time to take back what the Devil stole.
Have you looked outside your window lately? God’s people are taking it to the streets. The internet is overflowing with videos of citizen Jack and Jill reading the riot act to their local school boards. City council meetings are being deluged as citizen Joe fights back against the tyranny of the minority. There is a HUGE awakening going on in this nation.
We are winning and the Left knows it.
For 60 years the Commies have been building their team. The now perch themselves atop all of the institutions in America. But the deplorables are on the march. The last few years have shown that the political parties are nothing more than two wings of the same bird.
We have not yet begun to fight.
No one really knows what victory will look like. Will America ever be the same? Do we really want it to be? So much of what we once cherished has become so corrupted. What good is survival if our traditions don’t endure with it?
We stand on the precipice of eternity as time streams through the hour glass. What will tomorrow look like? Are the Devil and his minions really going to win? An end-time army of Christian soldiers is forming all around us. After 60 years on the sidelines American Christians are rising to the challenge. The greatest Christian revival in human history is at our doorstep. Things are going to get ugly. Things are going to get tough.
As I used to tell our players…when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Saddle up your horses. This is our time to shine!
I played and coached a lot of games in my life. We didn’t win them all but I guarantee you I never played one where I THOUGHT we would lose. Doom and gloomers get out of our way!
This will be our finest hour.
We have not yet begun to fight.