by Dave Daubenmire

I do not trust ANYONE associated with the Government.

Trust but verify.”  Those were the famous words that President Reagan uttered when explaining his policy regarding the Russians and nuclear weapons.  Although the statement is profound in its simplicity, verification is no longer permitted nor required in this upside-down world in which we live.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  Credited to George Orwell.  We are living in a time of universal deceit.

As my father once told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”  I guess my dad was Mr. “trust but verify” before Reagan ever thought of it.

True science is unbiased.  Fake science is not.  Fake science is censored research sold to the highest bidder.  Science will find any answer you are looking for if you have deep enough pockets.  We are seeing the prostitution of science and scientists everywhere we look in the world today.  Pharmaceutical companies are not much more than glorified street-walkers lobbying the halls of government.

Dr Fauci is a science whore.  Follow the money and you will see who is paying for his version of science.  Questioning science IS science.

This may offend some of our more secular readers but there is no “truth” apart from Jesus Christ.  That’s why telling the Truth is so revolutionary.  Jesus was a revolutionary.  He attacked lies and liars.  It cost him His life.

The Bible calls Satan the “father of lies.”  It tells us that in the Devil there is “no Truth.”  Anything Satan says is a lie.  He is incapable of speaking the Truth.  At least that is what the Bible teaches.  I believe the Bible.  I see scientific evidence of that fact everywhere I look.

Our government leaders lie.  Educators lie.  Medical experts lie.  Judges lie.  Our media lies.    Pastors lie.

Jesus said that they are “of their father the Devil and the works of their father they will do.”  Fauci serves the Devil.  So do the bosses at the WHO, Moderna, Pfizer, and the CDC.  None of them serve Jesus.

As Bob Dylan famously sang “You gotta serve somebody.”  Perhaps it is time we took a good hard look at who our leaders actually serve.

Can you name for me ONE…JUST ONE…national leader who, on a regular basis, publicly mentions the name of Jesus Christ?  Jesus told us that if we “were ashamed of Him before men, He would be ashamed of us before His Father.”  The Father of Jesus is not named “god”.  “God Bless America” I hear our leader’s parrot.  “Which god” I ask them?  There are many gods. Which god are you appealing to?

Almighty God has a name.  His Name is ABOVE every other name.  “At the name of JESUS every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess…”  Why won’t our leaders confess that name?

Does Joe Biden serve Jesus?  He claims to be Catholic.  Do you ever hear him mention the name of Jesus?  Does Fauci serve Jesus?  Pelosi? Cameltoe Harris?  How about Schumer…Chris Wallace…Joy Reid…Rachelle Madcow…Liz Cheney…Hillary…Bill…Obama…Big Mike…

How did America allow into so many positions of power those who serve other gods?  Money…fame…prestige…self…power…the Devil.

There is a Devil you know, and millions of people actively serve him.  Some openly, some unwittingly.  But remember what our friend Bob Dylan told us…you gotta serve somebody.

I am a truth teller.  I call them like I see them.  It has gotten me into more trouble than you can imagine.  People hate Truth…and those who speak it.  Jesus warned us of that.  He told us that Truth-tellers “would be hated of all men.”  He explained that they “hated Him first.”

The more you speak like Jesus the more they will hate you.  He was called “the Rock of offense.”  We are most like Jesus when we speak the Truth.  Especially when it is not popular to do so.  They call the Truth “hate.”  Truth is the new “hate speech.”

But only TRUTH makes us free.  Look around.  Is America free?  Can lies make you free? Masks…mandates…threats…jabs…censorship…lockdowns?  Why are liars so afraid of debate?  When did science become “settled.”  Science is never settled.  It is only verified.  The goal of science is Truth…not consensus.  Consensus is not Truth.  Truth is forever settled.  Jesus is Truth.

Compromise is always a partial lie.  Give a little to get a little only weakens Truth.  The same folks telling us to wear a mask and get vaxxed are the same folks telling us that an unborn baby is not a person.  Now we turn to “Judges” to determine whether or not God’s Word is TRUTH.  “BEFORE I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee…”  How could you be known if you were not a person?  My body my choice only applies to the Devil’s kids.

Fauci and his fellow Luciferians change the rules every day.  Almost nothing that they have told us has been true.  Over two years into this mess America’s pastors are still dancing with the Devil.  “Truth has fallen in the streets and it cannot get up.”  The Prophet Isaiah told us that.  Isn’t it time for some Jesus followers to help Him (Truth) get back up on His feet?

Everything that is happening in this nation is the fault of the church.  “Evil walks on every side when the vilest of men are exalted.”  Truth is surrounded by evil and the pulpits are complicit with the coup.

America’s problems are Spiritual not political.  We are happy serving other gods.

You gotta serve somebody…look in the mirror.  Who are you serving?  “The pastors prophesy lies and the people love it that way.”  Follow the money.

The love of money is the root of all evil.”    Cha-ching.

Who are you serving?

-Coach Dave