By Dave Daubenmire

That is the question that Bob Dylan, the voice of a generation, asked a generation ago.

You can listen to his song here.

Great question Bob. Some of us are still asking that same question today.

Those of you who read my thoughts regularly will understand that I have been singing the same song for the past couple of decades. It is now or never. Either the American Church awakens from it’s slumber or this nation is doomed.

Are you awake or are you, as Rush often described us, mind-numbed robots? Are you waiting for someone else to fight your fight? Are you waiting for the “Republicans” to save us? When are you gonna wake up?

The good news is there are many of us who are awakening. A sleeping giant is slowly beginning to wipe the goop from his eyes.

The question is not “has our government been lying to us?” We all know THAT answer. The question is “what are we gonna do about it?”

Knowledge is power. The Bible declares “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Knowledge is a choice. There is nothing wrong with BEING ignorant…but there is everything wrong with STAYING ignorant.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to puts some ammo in your weapons.

THIS weekend, March 24-25 we are sponsoring a conference in Cincinnati designed to provide SOLUTIONS for the mess we find ourselves in. We have an ALL-STAR team of speakers lined up. These are some of the folks that the DEEP STATE doesn’t want you to hear!

Watch this brief video!

Carrie Madej. Attorney Tom Renz. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The Resistance Chicks. All under one roof in one powerful event. Tom Renz speaks Friday night. The other speakers are on Saturday.

There is still time for you to ATTEND this powerful event but we know that is not feasible for most of you. But we have just harnessed the power to BRING THE EVENT TO YOU!! We are now offering LIVE STREAMING right into your home.

Even if you can’t watch it LIVE you will have the ability to access the event for 30 days in which time we don’t care if you SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!!

You can gain access to this POWERFUL INFO from these NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED HEROES in this battle for Truth.

Here is what you need to do. If you would like to join us in person simply CLICK HERE. You can choose to attend IN PERSON for $39 where you can ask questions of the speakers face-to-face. Each speaker will make an hour presentation followed by an hour of Q and A.

Wanna know your legal options? Ask Tom Renz. Wanna know medical options? Ask Carrie Madej and Sherri Tenpenny. Wanna learned about practical things you can do for natural preps at home? Ask THE CHICKS. Face to face…eyeball to eyeball. Knowledge is power.

If you cannot make it in person you can still access the information via LIVE STREAM. Invite friends over. Share with your Bible study group. Share it in Sunday school. Live stream for $19.95 and have it to share with others. Click HERE to get the links!!

Invite folks into your homes for a weekly study. Show one speaker per week!! WAKEY WAKEY!! YOU can do it!!

We are doing our best to give a WAKE UP call to America!! Please help us get the TRUTH to others!!

You can always find more info at Time to WAKE UP YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!!

(Hey! Purchase the link for your PASTOR!) Make him promise he will watch it!! He has 30 days. No more excuses from the pulpits!!

YOU be the alarm clock!!