Abortion is Bullying

Apr 9, 2019 | 0 comments


Taking another person’s life just because they inconvenience you, is wrong! Where’s the self-control? Where’s the restraint? We cannot have a culture with no restraints. Abortion is bullying big people beating up on little people.

The animal rights people have passion for animals but they have no compassion for people. You can be fined up to $15,000 for killing a turtle egg. But a 15 year old girl can kill her own baby, without her parent’s consent.

Abolish Abortion in Texas HB 896. From Rusty Thomas’s testimony to Texas legislators sitting on the committee at the public hearing 4/8/19: “ If you have a problem you can’t cure, murder it. The baby in the womb is made in the image of God, even though the baby often is conceived in sin. Killing didn’t work for King David in the Bible, and it won’t work for America.”  

America has made a covenant with death. Stop shedding innocent blood. You are called to punish the evildoer, as God has defined evil, and protect those in the womb, as God has defined good. It is your duty. Stop shedding innocent blood.”