Buckle Up, Buttercups!

Sep 11, 2018 | 0 comments


In Genesis 19, Lot’s wife LOOKED BACK. She became in her death what she never was in her life.
She loved the world. She loved everything she had. She sort of wanted to follow the Lord, but wanted to “be in the world and of it,” too.

She became a useless pillar of salt. Did God mean what He said when He said, “Don’t look back!”

Where’s the Church? How can a pastor stand in a pulpit and not teach his people what is going on?!

Today, we have let corporations take over our churches and we see the judgment of God falling on His people. Think how much worse our culture has gotten since 9-11-01. You’d think because people flooded into the church after September 11, 2001, it would have helped them and strengthened our Christian culture. But the Church had no answer.

Darkness has enveloped this country and sin has entered the churches in the last 17 years. The Church will not arise. Is that God’s judgment? Trump is calling for Evangelical leaders to rise up, push back, take back the ground we’ve lost.

Repent and buckle up!

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