Child Drag Abuse

Feb 1, 2019 | 0 comments


Drag queens in libraries and kid drag queens in local bars now. And no one is stopping it.

“Miss Mae Hem”, the 9 year old male drag performer, performed in the bar with alcohol consuming adults who then cheered and handed out cash tips.  The host and promoter followed closely behind this nine year old child stuffing cash in his underwear bottoms after removing it from her own “cleavage”.

 After further research, events such as this one have been promoted over a year by the child’s mother (sources say that the child’s mother is an active Ohio child protective service employee) and “Miss Onyx Ohio” entertainment agency.”

The police should also be running a raid on this. These kids are under age in an adult bar!

Everyone just stops and watches.

Do you think the Lord is happy with a pastor who just watches this?

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