Come together. Build momentum. Save Lives.

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Sign up for today! The price is $49 today but will be $69 at the door. Sign up, today! We’ll include a “boots on the ground” event on Sunday morning. We’ll be on the streets Sunday morning.

May 10 and 11 is a Huddle and Boots on the Ground in Louisville, KY. Everyone who can, GO! Check out for more details.

Fire and Brimstone video showing May 11th at Gateway Church, Oskaloosa, Iowa at 7:00 PM. Check for details.

Texas public hearing on abolishing abortion, today! Could go all day. Call Texas, today. The momentum is on the side of God and the unborn babies! The Left is losing. Eleven states have heartbeat bills in process. Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia have passed them! Keep praying. Keep working to save babies.
Check out “Christ in Action.” It’s a great ministry to train up disciples of Christ. We need to be working together with other groups, as the Body of Christ. We can have success, when we join together in unity.
Come together. Build momentum. Save Lives. We need to let the Church and the world  know that it’s not okay to kill babies in the world. Once we get unified, the enemies of God will have a tiger by the tail. 

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