God’s Arrows

Jan 7, 2019 | 0 comments


Today’s show starts with an update from Todd, in Texas, who had 2 surgeries over the weekend.  He is confident God is using this trial as a test of his faith. He is growing in faith through this. And he is blessed by the prayers and support of the brothers on Pass the Salt Live.

This show is like having church 5 days a week. We receive such wonderful emails from so many men and women from across the country, with great topics for discussion on the show.  Good food for thought.

The Salt & Light brigade is reaching men and women from all walks of life. We have a unity in the Spirit unlike any church I have ever attended.

Why isn’t the Church talking about cultural issues of concern? Artificial intelligence has power, through drones, to kill thousands of people at once. We live in a technological time like none other. We are playing against a wicked, powerful enemy.

God calls you to be arrows, with truth and justice to a world which has been corrupted with evil ways. Even high places where God’s justice has been corrupted.

Pass the Salt!

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