God’s Word is Directed Energy

Nov 13, 2018 | 0 comments


Last Saturday, Owen Shroyer of Info Wars interviewed the Salt and Light Brigade at the Austin, Texas abortion mill. His coverage of our demonstration for life, has been viewed by over 61,000 people so far. Good job, everyone, defending life! Info Wars has showed the graphic baby pictures, which are so powerful.

There is power in God’s spoken word. He spoke and His Word caused the earth to obey Him. The devil’s kids have figured out something about the spiritual energy available. Fallen angel technology. The fallen angels know God’s power.

AM, FM, Short wave, 4G, 5G, are all uses of energy. How could “fires” in California specifically target houses and bridges without burning up everything around these places?

Dr. Judith Wood uncovers mysteries from 911 regarding how the buildings could disintegrate on the way down. Were the NYC towers deliberately taken down with microwave or other direct energy sources?

Read Genesis 1 and observe God’s directed energy in creation. There are things coming upon the earth, and men’s hearts will fail them…Trust God.

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