I Smell Smoke

Oct 23, 2018 | 0 comments


Some of you are still walking around with smoke on you, even though you’ve quit smoking. You keep going back to the dirty atmosphere where you came from.  In the Spirit, some of us want to be free, but can’t come out of the smoker’s room.  Can’t understand why you can’t be set free.

Titus 1 – Is this not the Christian America you see, today? Paul is writing to the elect. Check it out. Read your Bible.

News alert – One of foster fathers (from a homosexual union) in Newark, NJ murdered a 5 year old foster child. There were cuts on his genitals, and bruises on his head, a detached retina, and more…How did he get cuts on his genitals by wrestling on the couch with his foster father? Yet the news media tries to hide the fact that sodomites were abusing their foster child.

Rules for Radicals Communist agenda has been used for years. Overwhelm people with poverty, welfare, and bring so many people into our country that we have to let them in. What is really happening, is that George Soros and his gang are paying the way for all these Mexican people to invade our borders. The Left has strategically placed another few thousand people along the road every so often, to force them into America. The Left is planning to have these thousands of illegal immigrants come on over. What will the reaction be? Will Martial Law be put in place? Will our November 6th election happen?

Just in case, VOTE TODAY!

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