Reprove, Rebuke and Exhort

Aug 14, 2018 | 0 comments


Coach opened the show calling on his listeners to get involved, to network with other like-minded Christians.  He invited Don on to the show to give his testimony.

Coach invited seventeen-year-old pro-life warrior Lexi from Texas to tell her story about meeting with the senior pastor of her church.  He preached about how we don’t sacrifice our children to Baal anymore.  Lexi challenged him on this point based on the fact that we abort our children today.

She challenged the pastor to lead the church into the abortion fight.

He told her that the church deals with abortion by preaching the gospel.  Preaching the gospel is how the church deals with abortion.

The church has four campuses.  It is a seeker friendly church that was formed by Bill Hybels.

The church did one sermon on homosexuality and got so much negative feedback that the pastor told Lexi they won’t do that again.

Coach played a clip from his interview with a New York pathologist who inventories baby parts after abortions.

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