Storm the Gates of Hell

Oct 25, 2018 | 0 comments


Today Coach talks about how Jesus is more than the written Word. Truth exists outside the written pages of the Bible. Truth exists in all of God’s creation. All true science exalts and sings praises to the Creator of the universe.

The Bible is no more all the Word than a recipe that describes that cake being baked. Jesus is all three: 1. The Way 2. The Truth 3. The Life.

To know the written Word is not all there is in reality. Everything God has created confirms to the creation that He exists. We are without excuse. Using natural, secular (outside religion, worldly ) arguments is effective. All things exist and are upheld by His power. Those without the Holy Spirit can only understand the worldly aspects of God’s Truth. The things they can see, they sometimes can understand. But the Word of the Bible is foolishness to them.

Surfing the Scriptures vs. Studying the Scriptures.
To dive deep is so rich, compared to playing on the beach with a beach ball. Let’s go deeper. There are 700,000 species of sea creatures. We have yet to study all of them at this time. It’s incredible! How about studying deeply, the Word of God? See what truths you discover.

When the Holy Spirit draws us, we find the Way! He uses His creation to draw us, not only the written words of Scripture. Jesus understood that people don’t understand spiritual things. If you cannot even believe natural things, how will you believe spiritual things?

God is in every aspect of life – natural family, natural life, nature, etc.

Jesus instructed His disciples to storm the gates of hell. Build their churches at the most evil places they could find. Evil gods were being worshiped in certain places when Jesus was alive. He told His followers to not be afraid, but go after those places with the Gospel. Build the church where the most sin is thriving.

Instead, in America today, we are on the defense, ashamed of the Gospel. We are not confronting sin where it thrives, we are hiding behind the four walls of our local social center called a church.

Go on the offensive. Storm the gates of hell. Take on sin. Confront evil in the name of Jesus, no matter the cost.

You’ll serve the god you see. Are you serving Mr. Rogers? Rick Warren? Joel Osteen? We will all give an accounting of what we’ve done for Christ. Be bold. Be strong.

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