Strong Delusion

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2 Thessalonians 2

What did Jesus mean when He said, “You are of your father, the devil.” Can the devil be people’s father?

Scripture says, “We are new creations in Christ.” When we are born again, we become redeemed.

Redeem – to purchase back. To regain something that has been alienated.

Remission – discharge, abatement,  relinquishment of a claim or right.

Forgiveness – pardoned from a punishment from sin. The mystery of iniquity is going on, says the Apostle Paul.

A false teaching that the Day of the Lord had already come. Paul is trying to set the record straight, that the 2nd coming of Christ isn’t come yet. We will see apostasy, and the appearance of the antichrist.

Receive the love of Christ that you may be saved.

Instead, people are perishing (waste away, to be in a state of decay or passing away, perishing to be destroyed and come to nothing).

Because they did not receive the love of the truth, they believed a lie, and perished. People are deluded. We’re not going to be able to change the delusion if God has allowed these people are deluded.

Revelation 12 – overcome with the blood of the lamb and the power of your testimony. For this reason, rejoice, oh Heaven. But woe to you in earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, knowing that his time is growing short…making war with the offspring of the woman who keep the commands of the Lord. Satan is making war on the culture.

An unborn baby is pure sin with the generation sin, and have not had the time to repent. When they’re killed in the womb, they carry the blood of the sinful parents, in the womb. When the lad knew the difference between good (Jesus) and evil (Satan), he chose good.

There is a point of understanding of the data of Christ. Then people must make a decision. 1 Corinthians – the children are made holy through the sanctification of the mother or father.

God chose us through sanctification of the spirit. Sanctified – to be set apart, a day of encounter with the Lord. Consecrating and setting apart for a specific purpose.

Without Christ, they are going to be in delusion. They cannot see the truth, because they are of their father, the devil. Something happened in the womb to change the DNA.

We’re made in the image and in the likeness (pure, sanctified, holy).

Belief creates cleanliness. Unbelief creates uncleanness.

We live in a generation that we do not want to be accountable. If the parents realized that the children are sanctified, or set apart, for the works of the Lord, it might motivate them to rear them in the ways of the Lord.

We have to keep our garments clean. If you have the right garments on you can walk through the fire and make it into Heaven. Robes of righteousness. Are we clean so our children’s garments are clean?

What if our sin is carried onto our children?

Paul wrote in Ephesians, “Husbands, love your wives like Christ likes the Church. Wash her, as with the Word. “

We need to spend our lives sanctifying each other. When we pray the way Jesus taught us to, we are sanctifying each other. “Our” father. We’re praying for and with each other.

We’ve been harsh on the Church only wanting to get people saved. But if we are under a period of delusion not seeing the truth, we need to keep evangelizing, because they can’t know it if they don’t hear it.  This is vital. But don’t cast your pearls before swine. Don’t throw the Word on the rocks, on the side of the road, hard ground. But maybe a bird will come

You could be walking in the fullness of Christ and not be free of the residue of sin that just keeps pulling you back into your carnal nature. We can be washed clean, over and over to become sanctified. Washing with the Word, so the sin can’t get to us.

7 things people trust more than their pastor. Americans now believe clergy at a record low. The average person is likely to believe a journalist, a nurse, a medical doctor, pharmacist, high school teachers, more than a pastor. Schools are awful but theirs is good. Politicians are awful but theirs are good. Pastors are awful but theirs is good.

You can only teach what you know. When a pastor seems to be all about money, it makes him not trusted. You teach what you know. You reproduce what you are.


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