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Jesus Christ is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through the Truth.

The Church is the standard bearer of truth. Instead, what is the Church monkeying around with? Meaningless drivel. Busy work. Wonderland. Playing patty cake and begging Caesar for a Pastor Protection Act. If that isn’t bowing our knee to the anti-Christ is, I don’t know what is!

Truth is necessary not only in the Church, but in the government, education, media, and all areas of life. What about all the lies we’ve been told? Let’s declassify some documents that will reveal real truth.Tell us the truth about geo-engineering, weather modification, chem trails, Barack Obama’s background, FISA documents, 42 government-admitted false flags, JFK’s assassination, 911, Deep State false flag terrorism,  MKUltra,  Monarch Mind Control, Deep State arming ISIS, Benghazi, Arab Spring, running arms through the Middle East,  Area 51, Tesla’s death ray, Federal Reserve.

Truth is what we need!

Pass the Salt!

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