Gatekeepers NOT Promisekeepers | Coach Dave Live | 1-10-2020

Coach opened the show going over upcoming events.  See the link below.  He then moved on to discuss the seven promises of a Promisekeepers.  They were published thirty years ago.  “Promisekeepers left the men on the knees on the Mall in Washington D.C.” Said Coach.

The Huddle discussed the Seven Promises.  Coach argued that the promises are personal and nebulous … not well defined.  “They decided early in their existence that they would take no position on ‘social issues.’” Said Coach.  “I was there.  I sat right next to Coach McCartney.”

They’ve had thirty years to bring about a cultural transformation.  Old wine in old wineskins.  Promisekeepers should be called Gatekeepers.  They were Gatekeepers for the pastors.  They became protectors for the pastors.  The Huddle went over the upcoming rally planned for July 2020, looking at the speakers and the Watermark Community Church website.

“Why is abortion still legal wherever these megachurches set up shop?” Asked Coach.  “These churches are all about being merciful.  There’s no butt kicking or community saving.”  These churches are everywhere now.

A Huddler commented, “These are the people of academia.  They are not the doers.  They won’t get dirty.”

“The Church has no answers.” Said Coach.  “They do not know what to do.”

Robert Klous shared from his devotional “Finders Keepers.”  Coach then read his Weekly Word that is linked below.

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